I'm climbing up the walls cause all the shit I hear is boring, all the shit I do is boring..

Bra Top & Skirt: H&M . Boots: Alexander Wang

These pics are less about what I'm wearing and more about how I'm feeling and how I intend to take on this year. I mean, my hair is in a doobie wrap, and I'm half naked in the blistering cold, but I don't care. Its what I want to do! No I'm not putting on a coat, I'm not doing my hair. I'm done doing what you're supposed to do, I'm done following the rules. Sometimes you have to be unreasonable to get what you want..

"Ghost" by BeyoncĂ© has been on replay since I left Indianapolis for my holiday vacation. I started listening to it on the plane and I haven't stopped since. Have you ever come across something or someone that touches and affects you so deeply that it makes you question everything that you're doing and makes you want to do so much more? How many people are "working 9 to 5 just to stay alive?" Seriously! People become so comfortable and ultimately too afraid to take chances, and before they know it they're playing and perfecting this role that they never even auditioned for.
"What goes up, ghost around." I love this line because it brilliantly defines something that is always there, always around but no one knows it but you. It can be something you constantly think about, a feeling you cant shake, whatever. For me, right now, it's this feeling of wanting more for myself. It's the fulfillment and accomplishment of succeeding in the industry I originally set out to conquer. Its the reason I moved to the city, I had a dream, I had a goal, I had a passion, and I'm done putting those things on hold.
So why not be greater?! Why not do exactly what makes you happy?! Why not be unreasonable?! My challenge for myself in 2014. Happy New Year, folks.


  1. Wow I never leave comments but this post was so worthy the relation to #Ghost #Unreasonable #Remarkable!
    @YourFashionFairy >>IG

    1. Thank you, Deone! I really appreciate it.

    2. Of course! This is one fierce piece! If only Beyonce knew! #teammakeithappen

  2. wow, i'm so happy i found your blog! obsessed! where is your bralet from, looks great on you! kisses from toronto Xx

  3. nvm, got it! it was so small lol :)